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Animals are relatively rare as they were often given to children and did not survive the nursery. In the 1930s catalogue there are 60 animals shown. At a guess, only about 20 or 30% have been seen in present day. They were often too small for a mark to be impressed on the base, so often go unidentified as Honiton Pottery. If you have any animals in your collection, please send some photos to be included in this menagerie page.

Rabbit. 2" high. No mark

100_9248.jpg 100_9250.jpg 100_9249.jpg  
Prancing Pony. 5" high. Marked COLLARD HONITON ENGLAND 100_9251.jpg 100_9252.jpg 100_9253.jpg 100_9254.jpg

Nursery Rabbits. Probably by David Hickmott. 3" high

Photo: Chilcotts, Honiton

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