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Collard Sweetpea


Pattern designed by Joan Collard (Charles Collard's daughter). Some of the examples shown were made and decorated after Collard's time at Honiton Pottery. In the 1950s and early 1960s the Pottery continued to use this pattern.

3" high, 3¼" diameter. Mark is handpainted similar to HH3 mark in Marks and Backstamps book dating it to 1948-61 Hull/Chapplow period. 100_9383.jpg  100_9384.jpg  100_9385.jpg 
3¼" high, 3¼" diameter. White clay, not marked. Circa 1950.  100_9386.jpg  100_9388.jpg   
 2¼" high, 3½" diameter. White clay. Not marked. Circa 1950. 100_9389.jpg  100_9390.jpg   
 4½" high, 4½" diameter. Brown clay. HONITON ENGLAND. Circa 1950?  100_9391.jpg 100_9392.jpg  100_9393.jpg 
 5½" diameter. Red clay. Marked COLLARD HONITON ENGLAND. Circa 1927-38?  100_9394.jpg  100_9395.jpg  
  bonye1.jpg bonye2.jpg


3" high



3½" high, 3¼"Ø


4½" high, 3½"Ø. White clay circa 1947-49


2.5" high, 2.5" diameter